Sunday, June 19, 2005 A.D.
Bleargh was There - Fête de la Musique 2005
The annual music festival sponsored by Alliance Fran├žaise de Manille has only gotten bigger with each successful staging, with this year's event held at El Pueblo in Ortigas and having the logistical nightmare of a setup by letting over 150 artists/bands play on eight separate, genre-specific venues from 4pm to 4am straight.

The crowd was huge, and by huge, I mean anatomically conjoined. It also has to be stated that said huge crowd was also sweaty, and by sweaty, I mean emitting foul noxious clouds. It was all good though, as it was still a celebration of music all across the world. Never mind that there was nothing close to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, we still got frottage, frapuccinos and pogi rock (I like to state on record that I'm not a fan of the genre). I got to hang around with the shooting MTV crew a bit and got to meet a few people in doing so... most notable was 'Tenga,' probably the closest local approximation of the Rainbow Man (you have to google for pix, sorry), who is arguably the world's most (in)famous screen squatter. Tenga wore pointy rubber ears and carried a sign that read 'Define Love.' He gave away calling cards, courtesy of his 'manager,' and even had a small following among the throng. He has a well thought-out gimmick, I thought. I might be giving him too much space than he's worth by even mentioning him here, but these are the sorts of things that I enjoy (in a popular anthropology context at least).

I had to leave a bit early (mainly because it got too crowded for me), but I waited for my youngish cousin to finish watching Hale's set by the Pony booth near the Alternative stage in Podium (Hale being the pogi rock band of the moment... I never realized they were that popular). Funnily, I saw more friends inside the Podium mall proper than outside where the bands were playing, so the little trek to the parking floor took almost an hour after all the impromptu conversations. After a relatively sane drive home, I found myself posting this little bit. After another sentence, I found myself retiring to the bedroom where I dreamt uninterruptedly of frottage, frapuccinos and pogi rock (I like to state on record that I'm not a fan of the genre).

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